This is a short tutorial on how I base my historical miniatures.

Once I am finished painting the unit I paint the base of each miniature earth brown

Glue the miniatures to the base

Cover the base with Vallejo Earth Texture

Scatter some small stones and gravel on the bases while the earth texture is still wet, push the stones into the earth texture if necessary. Leave to dry overnight.

Trim excess earth texture off the edge of the bases.

Make a thick wash from a cheap dark brown paint

Cover the base with the paint, some of the earth texture will show through the dark brown paint. Leave to dry overnight.

Drybrush with two, or more, lighter colors. I use Desert Yellow and Iraqi Sand, but any color will do.

Cover the base irregularly with watered down white glue, its not supposed to be runny.

Cover with static grass, I use 2mm Mini-Natur Frühherbst and a static grass applicator, but just covering it with static grass , turning it over, and lightly tapping on the bottom of the base works fine. Since I am basing 4 troops in this example I want them to be able to combine as two regiments or a horde so I make sure that the grass on the bases fit with each other.

Its not necessary to be 100% accurate.

Finally I add some leaf litter to break up the base even more.

And here is the final result.

The miniatures are 28mm miniatures from Perry Miniatures, and the flags are from GMB Design.