The Herd

I played a game of Kings of War with a friend on Monday and I found the game system engaging and fun even though I got trashed.  I played Kingdoms of Men with my mostly unpainted, I know, no wonder I lost, Hundred Year War Duchy of Burgundy army.

Since I am trying to paint my Burgundians to a good table top standard, and I dislike playing with unpainted miniatures I rummaged through my attic until I found my old Warhammer Fantasy Beastmen army.  I painted this army over 15 years ago for a tournament, so its speed painted and dipped… however the painting is not to bad and as a base for further refinements its more than adequate.

Without further ado here is a quick picture of the army as it stands today, it will be rebased to multi bases and given some repairs and a highlight or two.

TheHerd.jpgI will take better pictures when I go through the miniatures unit by unit, with before and after pictures. I will aim for a decent table top standard, since the goal is to be able to field a fully painted army sooner rather than later.